BLUEDEX – The employer’s advisors

BLUEDEX – When it really matters. We are lawyers and tax consultants specializing in labor and employment law. We represent large corporations, medium-sized companies and the public sector in all matters concerning German as well as international labor and employment law. From drafting to terminating an employment contract. From giving legal advice beforehand to representing clients in court and vis-à-vis public authorities. We specialize in the employment of an international work force in Germany as well as the secondment of German employees abroad. Our expertise includes working time and remuneration models, restructuring projects and legally compliant use of third party companies as much as advising our clients on tax, corporate and social security law matters. Contact us – we are there for you.


We do what is needed to assist our clients. As strategists. As negotiators. As a think tank. And above all: as the can-do and will-do people.


We are lawyers and tax advisers for management consultancy. But we are counsellors and advocates at all times as well. Planners and fighters. Assertive and innovative.


We advise multinationals, mid-sized enterprises and public institutions. In our specialties of labour, tax and corporate law. With a 360° perspective, not just in labour law – we always take a holistic approach.