Labour law

  • Legal representation both in and out of court in individual and collective labour law disputes
  • Staff cutbacks (planning, negotiation of a reconciliation of interests and social plan, notification of mass redundancies, dismissals, etc.)
  • Design and negotiation of company agreements
  • Arbitration committee proceedings
  • Design and negotiation of collective bargaining agreements
  • In and outsourcing
  • Design of employment contracts
  • Design, review and negotiation of severance agreements
  • Design of remuneration systems (bonus, profit sharing programmes, royalties) for CEOs, directors, supervisory board members
  • Remuneration systems in the financial services sector
  • Temporary employment
  • Labour relations
  • Company co-determination rights
  • Conflict resolution

Contacts: Dr Christian Bitsch, Michael R. Fausel, Felix Müller

Posting of employees

  • Design under tax and social security law
  • Treatment under international law, visa, prevention of double taxation
  • Inbound and outbound
  • Process and system design

Contacts: Michael R. Fausel, Felix Müller

Company social security law

  • Design under social security law
  • Situation relating to work and service contracts (preventing “bogus self-employment”)
  • Review of contribution requirements and charges
  • Social Codes (SGB) I to XII
  • Advice for company audits
  • Process and system design

Contacts: Michael R. Fausel, Felix Müller

In-house training

  • Labour and tax law seminars
  • Anti-discrimination regulations
  • Best practice
  • Coaching
  • Executive seminars
  • Severance meetings

Contacts: Michael R. Fausel, Dr Christian Bitsch


  • Compliance systems
  • Remuneration models
  • Prevention
  • Anti-corruption
  • Support during administrative enquiries
  • Defence of board members/executives
  • Whistleblowing models

Contacts: Dr Christian Bitsch, Michael R. Fausel

Transaction support

  • Due diligence
  • Structuring of company organisations
  • Negotiation of purchase contracts, reconciliation of interests and social plan negotiations
  • Restructuring strategies
  • Tax optimisation
  • Post-merger integration

Contacts: Dr Christian Bitsch

Tax law

  • Design and optimisation of transactions
  • Optimisation of profit sharing models for work and service contracts
  • Tax structuring for property investments
  • Criminal tax law for individuals and companies
  • Voluntary disclosures



  • Preparation
  • Case management
  • Enforcement and preventing enforcement
  • All labour courts, regional labour courts, Federal Labour Court
  • All district, regional and higher regional courts
  • Fiscal courts, Federal Fiscal Court
  • All social courts, regional social courts, Federal Social Court

Contacts: Dr Christian Bitsch, Michael R. Fausel, Felix Müller

Corporate law

  • Incorporation
  • Company takeovers, M&A
  • Conversion/restructuring
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Investment agreements